Emanuele Ziaco

Prof. Dr.

Institute of Geography
Room: 02-274
Phone: +49 6131 39-28043
E-mail: eziaco@uni-mainz.de


Research interests

Dendrochronology; Quantitative Wood Anatomy; Dendroclimatology; Xylogenesis; Tree physiology; Forest ecology; Forest conservation and management


Biographical data

2021               Postdoctoral Researcher, Carl Trygger’s Foundation, Department of Ecology and                                  Genetics, Plant Ecology and Evolution, Uppsala University.

2020-2021       Adjunct Faculty - Research Scientist, Global Water Center, Department of Biology,                                University of Nevada, Reno.

2020-2021       Guest scientist, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences - Helmholtz Center,                                 Potsdam, Germany.

2018-2020       Research Scientist, DendroLab, Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Science                       (NRES), University of Nevada, Reno.

2013-2018       Postdoctoral scholar, DendroLab, Department of Geography, University of Nevada, Reno.

2013               Ph.D. in Sciences and Technologies for Forest and Environmental Management, University                       of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy.



In review

Liu, X., Ziaco, E., Biondi, F. Water-use efficiency of co-occurring sky-island pine species in the North American Great Basin with high seasonal drought variability.



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2020                Course contributor, Regional and Global Issues in Environmental Sciences (NRES467) University of Nevada – Reno, USA

2019                Course leader, Natural Resource Ecology (NRES217) University of Nevada – Reno, USA

2019                Course leader, Intro to Environmental Science (ENV101) University of Nevada – Reno, USA

2018                Course leader, Silviculture (NRES 485 – Special topic) University of Nevada – Reno, USA

2017                Course leader, Forest and Range Measurements (NRES 407/607) University of Nevada – Reno, USA

2014                Course contributor, Climate Change and Its Environmental Impacts (GEOG/ATMS 121) University of Nevada – Reno, USA

2012                Course leader, Environmental science and policy, USAC (University Studies Abroad Consortium) exchange program – winter school at the University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy

2010                Course contributor, Dendrology and forest botany, University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy

2010                Course contributor, Silviculture, University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy

2009                Course leader, Forest botany and silviculture, Italian National Forest Police Corps (CFS), 52th Course, Cittaducale (RI), Italy