Tree Ring Lab

Our tree-ring laboratory offers ideal tools for preparing wood samples for dendrochronological research, including devices to sand wood samples and prepare micro cuts using core-microtomes in different versions. The laboratory includes equipment to monitor tree-ring growth and collect material from living trees and historical wood structures. Additional optical scanners, surface staining methods and specific woodanatomical preparation techniques contribute to conduct dendroclimatological, and -ecological research and provide new state-of-the-art data.


Maximum latewood density (MXD)

The Walesch X-ray radiodensitometry device DENDROXRAY2 enables high-resolution, absolutely dated  maximum latewood density measurements for palaeoclimatic analyses.


Tree-ring width (TRW)

Four Lintab measuring devices and 20 additional binoculars allow absolute dating of tree samples and additional precise measurements of annual increments.