Climatology Group

Mission: We study high-resolution climate variability through the analysis of tree rings and other palaeoclimate archives at regional to global scales. Instrumental climate data are evaluated and used for the calibration of these archives to reconstruct climate over the past couple hundred to thousand years. We teach introductory and methodological courses on climatology with emphasis on spatial patterns and long-term changes of climate and ecological variability.


Recent paper: PM2.5 exposure differences between children and adults

We conducted measurements of aerosols (PM2.5) at breathing heights of children and adults, in 1.0 and 1.6 m respectively, along a 5.5 km route including kindergartens and schools in Mainz (Germany). The study reveals that children are exposed to significantly higher levels of PM2.5, a finding that cannot be validated by long-term stationary networks recording aerosols in only one level.

Details can be found here: Harr et al. (2022) Urban Climate 44, 101198