Air pollution has negative effects on public health. Especially PM2.5, fine particles of an aerodynamical diameter < 2.5 µm, can reach deep into lungs and can cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.


In urban areas, the PM2.5 exposure of people, i.e. kids and adults, can vary greatly in terms of time and space, even on pedestrian level. For this reason, we conduct mobile measurements by foot using handy low-cost devices.


Our studies can be supportive for official measurements by the state and be useful to address further steps to reduce air pollution.




Our electric cargo bike is the link between our measurements on foot and by van. The KlimaBike contains instruments to measure various Urban Climate parameter, i.e. relative humidity, air temperature, air pressure but also particulate matter (PM1 / PM2.5 / PM10) with two sensors on two heights, respectively. The data is recorded together with GPS every 6s to clearly allocate the measurements to locations in high spatiotemporal resolution.